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Great end to the week

A hearty meal of thai and indian end a very stressful week. Sorely missing the beer and mojito. Wished i discover Baa Baa Black Sheep earlier! Will try their burgers the next time!!!. And... this being my maiden post using my new Samsung Galaxy S2....coolz! posted from Bloggeroid

I found my perfect brow pencil -Silkygirl's Hi-Definition Brow Liner

After many years drawing my brows, i finally found a brow liner that's easy to use, and provides me the light and natural finish I've been looking for. My discovery of Silkygirl's Hi-Definition Brow Liner was very much by chance.  There was one Sunday, when I was about to leave for my weekly visit to Mum's... i realised I have lost my one and only brow pencil. It was like the crisis of the day.... cos it means I had to leave the house with "half" eyebrows. :p Hence, I quickly popped into a nearby CK departmental store to see if I can grab a brow pencil....ANY one would do at that point. Picked Silkygirl's Hi-Definition Brow Liner, and was pleasantly surprised. This is the first self-sharpening, retractable brow liner that I've tried that does not break easily. Others, I have tried before always break after I carry them around in my work bag. It's angled tip also makes it very easy for me to draw the tail of my brows just by applying feather ligh

The countdown begins

I am 32 weeks pregnant. While most mummies are starting to write their birth plans....I prefer to write a "countdown to birth" plan . I am just being practical. :) I need to deal with the immediate future rather than what's going to happen in 2 months time. 1) Launder Beanie's clothes and washable diapers. Did I mention how I got nagged by MIL on one side, and Mum on the other to use nappies? And i mean the traditional ones where you need to fold dozens of these square pieces of cloths and fasten them with safety pins. Well, i don't have a dryer at home, so i have hating the thought of washing these nappies, and finding some place to hang them dry. I certainly don't want my house to look like a laundry outlet. Neither do I have the patience with the folding and pinning.  So, i started to do a bit of research on those modern diapers. Looked at pre-folds, one-size diapers etc. So many brands in the market but got a pretty good insight from

OMG! #BeautyandtheBeast 3D is coming to cinemas this 22 Mar.

I have always always loved the Disney princess series, and Belle was one of my favorites. In fact... i loved the Beast even more. He is actually one of the gentlest creature ever, and always often misunderstood. However, when you see how shy and meek he looks around just wanna give him a big big hug! "Swwwooooon"! I have watched this cartoon countless of times... and I can still picture the part where the Beast preens himself for that dinner date with Belle.... as well as the part where all the crockery and cutlery come alive to welcome Belle as their guest, dancing to the upbeat "Be Our Guest"! And now.... Beauty and The Beast is returning to movie screens in 3D from 22 Mar. Woohoo! Click here to find out more!!!!!

Samsung Galaxy S2 or Galaxy Note....or....

... should I wait for Galaxy S3 to be launched? It is no secret that I have a weakness for mobile/smart phones, and i blame it all on my first job @ Starhub. Today, I still blame my current job for my constant want to upgrade my phone.  Being a digital marketer means I need to constantly keep myself up to date with new 'e' & 'm' technology. After 3 years of being a faithful follower of BlackBerry, I think it is now time to move on to something more snazzy. While I still love the qwerty keypad of BB, and will miss it when I move on, the missing out on all the wonderful apps that other mobile platforms offer greatly outweighs the benefit of being loyal. :) I am currently quite drawn to the Andriod ecosystem.  Maybe because Andriod is open-source, and the ease for developers to submit apps into the market have made it more attractive, as least compared to the BB. SInce I am not a hardcore corporate climber or a super business woman....then BB will end up being a hug

I cannot see my feet!

A lunch conversation reminded me that I am only 2.5 months away to my delivery.  Sounds pretty scary yeah?! At 30 weeks, I am officially in my third trimester. Other than being so huge that I cannot see my feet when standing upright, life seems to be slowly reverting to the nauseated first trimester days. I can't seem to digest most of my food, and often find myself hugging the toilet bowl. This is actually good news to me given Dr F's incessant complains that I am putting on too much weight. But, really...I have only gained 12kg after 7 it really that much? Let's see if the nausea and puking can help keep my weight gain in check. At 30 weeks,  I should really be getting excited with  all the shopping I can go crazy with for Beanie especially during this season of endless baby fairs. However, I am either too lazy to go out and join the crowd, or I start getting aches all over after only walking for a bit. Pregnant or not, I have never liked crowds, much less

Random daily thots 02032012

Have been tuning in to JJ Lin and Sun Yanzi's songs daily... Will Beanie sing as well as them in future? Maybe I can call Beanie Jonas Lin Jun Jie? Triple J ? Hahaha! Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld