The Body Shop's "Drops of Youth"

The Body Shop launched a pre-serum " Drops of Youth" under their Nutriganics range of products in January (I think). While I regularly visit the Body Shop's Green Sanctuary for my facials, my therapist will not usually recommend  every new product that comes on their shelves, mainly due to the nature of my sensitive skin. Drops of Youth, on the other hand, was highly advocated by her. She was practically pushing it to me. Maybe, after leaving my face in her good hands for 7 years, she is hinting that i need to start anti-aging products.



Apparently, "Drops of Youth" is called a pre-serum because it can be fitted into any skincare regime, and is best used before your daily serum. It uses plant stem cels to help renew the skin's surface, bringing it through a renewal process, combating the first signs of aging.

The gel-like serum is very light in texture, and it takes only about a drop of two to soothe onto the face. I find that it takes a few seconds to ensure it is fully absorbed into the skin, yet leaves a cool and refreshing finish. Its tinge of aloe vera scent feels like I have just walked out of my facial everytime i use it.

I have been using it for over 2 weeks and I noticed my complexion now looks brighter and has become obviously smoother. Best thing is... it is 99% natural, best for my sensitive skin.

Great stuff!

Btw, this is not an advertorial whatsoever. This is just a review of what i deem is good...and wanna share with you gals... :)