26 weeks and still counting...

Let me try to recollect some of my pregnancy milestones since my 19th week as it seems that's when i stopped updating. Here goes...

Week 19

- I felt Beanie move for the first time at 5 plus in the morning. It felt more like bubbles in my tummy, and unsure what it really was, i groggily kicked Hwa and said " I think your kid just moved... or am I dreaming?"

Hwa followed " Huh? zzzzzzzzzzzz".  Hugs his bloster and turns away from me.  Such excitment from first time parents!

Week 20

- Found out that Beanie's a boy. That took me 5 seconds to register , while it took less than a second for Hwa to grin from ear to ear. So much for telling me Beanie's gender does not matter. Hwa obviously scored a gaming pal, while I lost a shopping buddy.

Week 21

- Decided to name Beanie , Jonas. I don't want us get too used to calling him Beanie till he's 21! Hmm....or maybe I should just name him Beanie Jonas Lim. Truth is, i love the name Tyler, but you won't believe what Tyler really means. Go google and you will know why. I don't want my first born to think he will eventually grow up to be tiling people's floors...well at least not till he tried his best to finish school.

- I figured Beanie either loves music, or absolutely hates it. I would love to think he was dancing all through 3 hours of "Wicked The Musical" . Although some part of me thinks he has no sense of rhythm like his Dad, and his constant movement during the show was a protest to stop the din.

Weeks 20 - 24

- I ate and ate and ate. A red  milk tea every arvo, and a curry puff every other day. Well.... it's great to have my appetite back after months of puking you know?! But, I blamed all these eating to the fact that I was depressed after knowing that Beanie has a huge nose like his father. Tragic isn't it? I love my button nose better!

Week 24

- All that eating plus CNY feasting had to go somewhere. Dr F  ordered me to maximally increase my weight by 1.5kg in the next month as I have over-utilised my 2 to 2.5kg monthly quota in January! Yes... he says i am too heavy! Darn! He also ordered me to walk less... least Beanie's head decides to drop further since he is in the right birthing position this early in my pregnancy.

Fat, yet no exercise for me! Good excuse to simply nua!

Week 25

My nausea and puking is back! Methinks that will help keep me within my 1.5kg quota for the month! I must be doing something right... or is it just psychological?

Week 26

I waddle, I burp, i scratch.

Beanie kicks, Beanie punches, Beanie swims & occasionally hiccups.

Unglam mummy vs. active baby...need I say more?


My Tummy @ 24 weeks.


  1. (^_^)

    Cute baby bump you have there!!


  2. thanks girl... !how have u been... u mia-ed for so long...


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