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Restless & mini mid-term panic

Christmas is over. Am now waiting for arrival of the New Year, so i can get my life back. Since finding out I am pregnant, I feel that things haven't been quite the same, mainly due to the lull work period, and of course the frequent fatigue Beanie's causing me. All these have somewhat made me a sloth..doing close to nothing most of the time. Worst is, I am halfway through my pregnancy, and unlike many mummies, I have done nothing to prepare for Beanie's arrival. Not sure if I am a cool mum (pun intended) or just simply nonchalant...taking a "come what may" attitude! Work wise, I feel something unpleasant is brewing. Morale in the office have been all time low, and it is really not hleping when i feel i could do so much more but not given the opportunity to do so. Fallen from grace once again? Maybe. Hence, the quiet wish that the New Year will bring spirits back on track. Anyway, since I am on leave till the New Year, I took a teeny weeny step by making a list

Random daily thots - 271211

OMG... It's only 10am and I am already trying hard to keep myself awake @ work! Darn insomnia! Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld

Random Daily Thots 191211

All I want for Christmas is a short tip outta town... Praying really hard for it although chances of it happening seems pretty slim. [Dear Husband...hope you get the hint.] Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld

Random Daily Thots - 141211

It amazes me how many people snatch seats from preggy moms and pretends to not look @ anyone at all until it is their stop. I ran into 3 today. They were literally rushing for that seat with me. I lost all 3 times. Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld

My Belly @ 18 weeks...

For those who have been asking.... here's my tummy @ 18 weeks! Ermm... i seriously think it is quite huge for someone who is 4 mths pregnant. Don't mind the scratches.... i am having pregnancy rashes. :( ** Disclaimer: This is post having a McChicken, half a double fish fillet and a large fries!

Search for the right BB Cream

While I have raved about how I love Korean beauty products, the sad truth is most of them are not suitable for my ultra sensitive skin. They are usually too rich... or are more suitable for ladies with almost flawless skin.  I usually end up with one too many pimples or like I have soaked my face in a basin of oil! Tough luck I guess! But but but.... that has not stopped me from trying to look for that purrrfect BB Cream. BB Creams are supposed to have skin-regenrating properties, and provides coverage for blemishes or slight imperfections on your skin. Now with BB Creams getting more popular locally with brands outside of Korea developing their own.... why not start experimenting again!? So many choices.... how to chooose......?? That's when direct mailers worked! Months back, I received Ettusais' monthly members' update... and the picture below got me interested in their BB Mineral Cream. :) Cute right? Ettusais BB Mineral Cream comes in 3 different shades (10, 20 an