Random daily thots 291111

Darn! I forgot to ask Dr F for a copy printout of my scan today!!!

Beanie's doing well....a week ahead of its time... meaning my EDD is pushed forward a week earlier. There goes my hope for Beanie to have the same birthday as me. Oh well!

Oh...and for those waiting for Beanie's gender... wait patiently for another month ok?!




  1. EDD is never accurate. I will never bet on this.
    However, I am still highly rooted on the fact that beanie is girl. I hope to win the drink. Teachers are not well paid. I badly need that free drink.

  2. An early edd is always welcome... Means I can start maternity leave early! Woohoo!!!!!! And yes... While I shud not be saying this out loud lleast beanie hears... I also have a strong inkling beanie's a "she". Vic is likely to be disappointed then. :)


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