Things I miss being "un-pregnant"

Not feeling nauseated & not puking. I sometimes don't even dare to eat for fear of regurgitating.

Eat what i want when i want to. With the neverending list of things i CANNOT eat coupled with the frequenting vomitting, food isn't something i enjoy very much now.

Able to rebond, perm and colour my hair. I spot a lion's mane with grey hair multiplying .... yet there is nothing I can do. :(

Able to stay awake and alert for most of the day. Now, i feel sleepy most of the day and many times would wish I could crawl under my desk and get some shut eye.

Running. Great cure for fatigue. Can't do any of that now.

Strudding around in my heels. A different pair everyday.

Wearing the clothes i want to. Don't have many choices these days.

Popping a panadol when i get headaches.

.....that's all for now. Not a lot... but they are enough to make me feel dull all day.


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