Things I miss being "un-pregnant"

Not feeling nauseated & not puking. I sometimes don't even dare to eat for fear of regurgitating.

Eat what i want when i want to. With the neverending list of things i CANNOT eat coupled with the frequenting vomitting, food isn't something i enjoy very much now.

Able to rebond, perm and colour my hair. I spot a lion's mane with grey hair multiplying .... yet there is nothing I can do. :(

Able to stay awake and alert for most of the day. Now, i feel sleepy most of the day and many times would wish I could crawl under my desk and get some shut eye.

Running. Great cure for fatigue. Can't do any of that now.

Strudding around in my heels. A different pair everyday.

Wearing the clothes i want to. Don't have many choices these days.

Popping a panadol when i get headaches.

.....that's all for now. Not a lot... but they are enough to make me feel dull all day.



  1. Wait till you feel beanie move... that's where you wanna stay pregnant the whole time!!!!
    Enjoy the moment!

  2. Hahaha! yeah... between now and then... i seem to be in a vacuum... absolutely clueless of what's going on to my body!


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