Backdated Post: 9 weeks and counting

This post will probably not be published until I am past my 1st trimester. But... i figured i needed to start a journal of this journey somehow else I will soon forget these little moments... so here we go...!

Yes! Our first attempt at SO-IUI was a success... not with some hiccups along the way though.

At my second scan during the process... it seemed like follies were not growing and that made my heart stop for a moment. And, maybe at that point, the expectations on the success of the cycle dropped. To be honest, I wasn't even hopeful that the first cycle would turn out this good especially after reading what some other couples have shared on various forums.

Hwa and i were both hoping for the best, yet were also prepared for the worst. That mentality really helped us a lot along the journey till today.

At day 11 of the 2 weeks wait (2WW), I thought why not pee on the stick and see what turns out. The line was faint, and refusing to believe it is a positive, i went out to Guardian the next day and got 4 more sticks. I peed on 2 each day for the next two days.... the line did not disappear! Normal mummies would go "Yay" and call their gynae almost immediately. But...for me.... i think I was just being extra cautious to not be overtly hopeful. :)

As we entered Dr F's office, we saw his face filled with expectation on the news we were about to deliver. When we nodded and said it was positive... we can't help smiling at how he threw his hands in the air ... triumpant! It momentarily felt weird to have someone else feel more excited about this news than the parents themselves.

While the process seemed the end of the day, I was glad we did it...and it turned out well.

The next step of the process is obviously to go through the pregnancy itself, which I definitely have my fair share of stories.

At week 6, I had almost no symptoms which is actually no surprise to anyone. I thought, "Cool! Am I one of those lucky peops who go through pregnancy with no symptoms at all? Woohoo! I am not complaining! Serious!"

But, one cannot assume all is well too soon in the journey. Before I knew it, I am running to the toilet in the middle of my sleep...which never happened before. I empty my bladder just before bedtime just like how i do before baby...but now it seems to not work and sleep keeps getting interrupted. This went on for a good 2 to 3 weeks..... in the middle of which I started having serious bloating! I look lika I am 5 mths @ just 8 weeks! Look at that tummy! At this point, I cannot imagine how I would look like at 5 mths! Hahahahaha!


Anyway... just to add, I was pretty pleased that I have yet to spot any Morning Sickness(MS). But... once again...when you think it is not going to really does!

Contrary to what it sounds, MS DO NOT happen only in the morning! Mine comes throughout the day...when I am hungry, when I am on the train, when i just finish my meal, when I just finished a glass of water... practically anytime...and it gets worse by the day!

Oooooh.....oohhhhhh! I forgot to mention,,,when I, on many occasions could finish an entire TW /HK drama in a sitting throughout the night.... I now cannot seem to even get pass one episode without conking off midway. I am probably one lucky mummy to have sampled most forms of pregnancy symptoms!

Little Beanie is not making Mummy's life easy this early in the journey....but...Mummy loves Beanie all the same.



  1. Pretty mummy dun worry! My stomach now already looking like urs!! LOL

  2. You'll be a lovely mom. :)


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