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Random daily thots 291111

Darn! I forgot to ask Dr F for a copy printout of my scan today!!! Beanie's doing well....a week ahead of its time... meaning my EDD is pushed forward a week earlier. There goes my hope for Beanie to have the same birthday as me. Oh well! Oh...and for those waiting for Beanie's gender... wait patiently for another month ok?!    

Random daily thots 241111

Tired of doing other people's work...and letting them get the glory. Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld

Things I miss being "un-pregnant"

Not feeling nauseated & not puking. I sometimes don't even dare to eat for fear of regurgitating. Eat what i want when i want to. With the neverending list of things i CANNOT eat coupled with the frequenting vomitting, food isn't something i enjoy very much now. Able to rebond, perm and colour my hair. I spot a lion's mane with grey hair multiplying .... yet there is nothing I can do. :( Able to stay awake and alert for most of the day. Now, i feel sleepy most of the day and many times would wish I could crawl under my desk and get some shut eye. Running. Great cure for fatigue. Can't do any of that now. Strudding around in my heels. A different pair everyday. Wearing the clothes i want to . Don't have many choices these days. Popping a panadol when i get headaches. .....that's all for now. Not a lot... but they are enough to make me feel dull all day.  

Random daily thots - 181111

I don't make a very good travel blogger. My frequent half completed entries of my holidays is a testimony to that. Oh well... Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld

Did you say Prawn noodles for Dinner?

After being married for almost 5 years, i have stopped hoping that Hwa will take me out to some posh restuarant for romantic dinners on special occasions. On his birthday ytd... i offered to take him out for a good dinner. At least at some decent restuarant. And, he asked to have prawn noodles @ some hawker place instead. What can i say? Good thing I had Beanie as an excuse to feed ourselves with some indo-thai fair @ Bambu. That's my who never fail to make me laugh nonetheless. Happy 32nd burfday my love!

Random daily thots - 171111

Browsing through the selves of a video store brings me back to my idyllic days in Perth. Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld

Backdated Post: 9 weeks and counting

This post will probably not be published until I am past my 1st trimester. But... i figured i needed to start a journal of this journey somehow else I will soon forget these little moments... so here we go...! Yes! Our first attempt at SO-IUI was a success... not with some hiccups along the way though. At my second scan during the process... it seemed like follies were not growing and that made my heart stop for a moment. And, maybe at that point, the expectations on the success of the cycle dropped. To be honest, I wasn't even hopeful that the first cycle would turn out this good especially after reading what some other couples have shared on various forums. Hwa and i were both hoping for the best, yet were also prepared for the worst. That mentality really helped us a lot along the journey till today. At day 11 of the 2 weeks wait (2WW ), I thought why not pee on the stick and see what turns out. The line was faint, and refusing to believe it is a positive, i went out to Guar