not quite rested

Back after being away for a week to Taiwan, on what was a most awaited holiday, I cannot be sure i have rested and am ready for work.

In fact, i found the trip exhausting, so much so, the 2 days that I've been back,  I found myself constantly wanting to sleep.

No. it is not the having to travel all over taiwan that's making me tired. In fact, the traveling has made me fall in love with the country. Every part of taiwan have their own unique flavour, own unique foods and cuisine.  If I had the luxury of time, I would definitely want to spend a bit more time at each part of Taiwan especially Hualien, Chih Peng, Tai Chung and Kao Shiung.

Interestingly, I have discovered something(s) about myself and the people around me....and it is probably all these thinking that sucked away some of my energy.  More importantly, I think it is the constant need to ensure both mothers are happy during the trip that made me even more weary.

This is the fourth annual obligation trip we took with our mothers. Every time, as we conclude each trip, I tell myself never again will I do it the following year. Somehow, before long,  we will find ourselves planning the next obligation trip.  This time, I seriously swear it will be the last time. Having both mothers with us for 7 whole days, seeing their grouchy faces, and not being able to figure out why really makes me frustrated.

As part of the trip, we were brought to a Pi Shiu centre where a fengshui master there did an overview of our lives based on our name and birthdate. Whatever the master said made a lot of sense... and the one thing that struck me was the fact that I am a person that tend to always make people's lives easier @ the expense of my own.  Gosh... i guess there is quite a lot of truth in that as I look back on my life.

Whatever it is... I don't know anymore how to make other people happy. All I want is just for myself to be happy.