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Taiwan Holiday 2011 (Part2) - Day 2 & 3

[Finally found some time to put my taiwan photos together.... ] Day 2: Jiufen > Wulai > Taichung (Feng Chia Night Market) I found Jiufen really rustic and is a place with a rich history, and loved the view from the top! Enjoyed the last time I was there with Hwa, and visiting Jiufen this time was like reminiscing my last trip :) Great view... Yummy treats at Jiufen. Jiufen, bustling with activity   After Jiufen, we proceeded to Wulai... another rustic old town, rather similiar to Jiufen... Finally ending the day @ Taichung's famous Fengjia Night Market. Did not take much pics as we were busy shopping & eating. :) , tho...just jad to upload the picture below of the Japanese inspired "Xiong Zhang Bao"...aka... Bear's Paw Bun... kekekeke!   Day 3: Sun Moon Lake > Kaoshiung View of Sun Moon Lake from Wenwu Temple. At the ferry jetty waiting for our Sun Moon Lake cruise... the guy on the right can really sing! Sounded so much like Wu Bai.

I survived...

With no luck on the oral medication, we started on SO-IUI this cycle. For the uninitiated, SO-IUI is a combination of 2 types of treatments for infertility. In gist, I had to start off jabbing myself in the tummy for a good 7 days with Puregon , then follow-up with a visit to Dr F to check if my follies are properly stimulated and growing well... followed by another 3 days of jabs (AGAIN!!) and finally have Hwa's little troops launched in to meet my follies. Boy... i cannot believe I made it sound so simple. But, it really is! Although I have to admit waking up each morning to poke that needle was a little bit of a chore. Using the pen for the jabs was almost painless... but there were days I had to use the syringe and those really sting. Good thing I have a blob of fats around my waistline to make the jabs slightly more bearable. Anyway... I have survived 10 days of jabs. 5 on the syringe and 5 on the pen. Now, I am just waiting for Dr F to give me the go ahead for inseminatio

Highlights - Taiwan Holiday 2011 (Part 1) - Day 1

Despite my grouses from the previous blog post, I did enjoy the sights and sounds of Taiwan. immersely. We took the 7 Days group tour package with Namho Travel, and I would say I am quite pleased with their flexibility and their speed to respond when we have to change our flight at the very last miniute. As with other package tours, there is a minimum number of pax the agency needs to meet before they will confirm the tour, and that would be 10 for this particular package. At 2 weeks prior to departure, there was still only 4 of us. However, Namho was flexible enough to allow us to still go on the tour, but with the driver and guide being the same person. Well... that's of course cool with us... as it will then seem more like a private tour! :) Apparently, we heard from the family that joined our tour at a week before departure that they had originally  booked their tour with Hong Thai. But since Hong Thai was not able to meet the minimum number of 10 pax for the tour, they canc

not quite rested

Back after being away for a week to Taiwan, on what was a most awaited holiday, I cannot be sure i have rested and am ready for work. In fact, i found the trip exhausting, so much so, the 2 days that I've been back,  I found myself constantly wanting to sleep. No. it is not the having to travel all over taiwan that's making me tired. In fact, the traveling has made me fall in love with the country. Every part of taiwan have their own unique flavour, own unique foods and cuisine.  If I had the luxury of time, I would definitely want to spend a bit more time at each part of Taiwan especially Hualien, Chih Peng, Tai Chung and Kao Shiung. Interestingly, I have discovered something(s) about myself and the people around me....and it is probably all these thinking that sucked away some of my energy.  More importantly, I think it is the constant need to ensure both mothers are happy during the trip that made me even more weary. This is the fourth annual obligation trip we took with