renewed optimism

After a year's hiatus from regularly visiting my gynae, we finally decided it was time to re-start that routine. It is not always something I enjoy, given each visit usually takes up about 2 to 3 hours. Well... as in previous posts... I am embracing this TTC journey with renewed optimism... so why not share this " (re)new(ed) journey" here.

After 2 rounds of clomid and a laproscopy... we thought we should probably start on what's naturally the next course of action, which is SuperOvulation (SO) and possible intrauterine insemination (IUI).  So our visit to Dr F last satty was just to do some routine checks... in case during the course of the previous year, some weird stuff have started to grow in me... also to prepare him for our intentions.

My womb was given a good bill of health (Yay!!)... and to our pleasant surprise... Dr F found a little follicle growing. As I was in day 10 of my cycle... we were all quietly excited and secretly hoping that this little bud will blossom and of course mature. Well... even if it does not grow at the rate it is supposed to... Dr F was willing to give it a little boost in a few days time. So... today... i skipped into his office expecting to be given a HCG shot. But... we found that the little bud hardly grew in the past 3 days... and it would be a waste of $$ to take the shot. So... we left it as it is. Oh well... somehow... somewhere in me knew this would happen.

I think the good thing that came out of this visit is being able to focus on the buds that all refused to grow. During the past 2 clomid cycles... we kinda knew this was a problem... but we focused on the blocked tubes instead. Since the tube problem cannot be fixed... moving onto other problems was the next logical step.

Dr F actually told me that we don't really need to start on SO for the time being.  We should try another cycle of Clomid with Metformin. Apparently, dosing both allows the buds to react better... and greatly helps in ovulation. Well... at this point... i guess we will try anything as long as there's that flicker of hope. And... i think not needing to jab myself was a relief , at least for the time being. Yes... while i thought of starting  SO... the thought of jabbing myself 5 days in a row somehow scares me.

Here's a peek into what's in store for me in the next month....


Baby dust to me! Baby dust to anyone else who reads this and is on a similar TTC journey! :)


  1. Baby dust to you! All over you! I am very encourage by your optimism and the courage to find out what could be done! You know what! I better talk to my gynae soon about clomid and all that shit and oh yes HCG jabs! We can do it! Smuack!

  2. Bunster.... i just found out... metfromin helps to lose weight too! or rather...some people who take it with clomid tend to lose weight along the way! Wahahaha! an extra plus!

  3. yayy! ah meen jia you! :D

  4. Baby dust to Us!! Yay!! Have u went to the TCM i recc u yet? Can take concurrently! I'm off clomid liao.. its thinning my lining :(


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