a lovely evening

Ok.. like my work... i am actually having a backlog of entries.

I was looking at the photos I have taken over the past few months... and realized that there's so much to share... yet not had the time to do so.

On 8 May, I had the pleasure of attending a good friend's wedding @ Capella , Sentosa. It was my first time @ Capella, and have heard lots of good stuff about it, and that it made a very good location for that perfect wedding.

Well... i would say it sure lived up to it's reputation. Rustic architecture amid the island' s greenery, giving one a sense of tranquility right from the drive up to the hotel.

The ballroom was one of it's kind... circular, pillarless with pretty dome shaped high ceilings.

The environment played a very important role in bringing out the love that was floating in the air. It was simple, yet very beautiful. Beautiful not because of how the place was dressed up to be... but coz i could truly feel the love. The way the groom looked at his bride, the song the bride wrote and sang for her groom, and nothing else matters at that point.

To top it up.... i think the food was "fusion-ly" decent.  Loved the codfish the most (second pic on the first row).

If i haven't said this quite enough.... truly happy for my ex-naybor @ work....congrats again if you read this.