I don't know if such a word even exist. Anyway... my journey of starting a family, with the situation I am faced with is seemingly getting a bit over the top for me.

I  twitch at every  pain and discomfort, hoping it means something to only face disappointment every single time. Sometimes, I admit I seem to be creating my own signs.. It's probably all psychological.

I have tried to blog less about my TTC journey so as not to bore people following my blog, but when there is no one to talk abt this... Or should I say no one who has had  similar experiences tfor me  share this in detail with .... It's tough. Really tough. 

But... I do take comfort in knowing that I am not alone, In fact I am part of a statistic. Whenever the little twitches get to me, I will start googling to see if it is a sign of pregnancy... or just my mind playing tricks on me! There are many  women out there who have been through worst than I have... so... i am really learning to let go... give myself more time... and be glad that I am alive each morning.

Also, i shouldn't stop writing in here about this trying journey... for I now know... there will be other ladies who are just like me... frantically searching the web for that little bit of re-assurance. So... if whatever I share here and help someone feel better... than why not...




  1. Jia You my dear friend. As we both try to bake some buns in our ovens, let us not forget the other blessings we have in our lives. When all things fail, let's throw bricks at the sky, get really drunk and be happy that we could have endless of sex and not worry about being pregnant!


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