Pizzeria Mozza @ Shoppes at Marina Bay

A long overdue meet-up with some ex colleagues brought us to Marina Bay Sands... which was really my first trip there since it opened its doors last year.

Daph read in 8 Days that Pizzeria Mozza got a 5.5 / 6 rating.. which is apparently (according to her) quite rare. I actually don't really read 8 Days... so don't really know what the ratings mean... so i just went with the crowd and the recommendation.

Well, i would say, it sure did not disappoint.

mozza.jpgMozza has quite a history, and is actually the same the way it is in California. There is actually two parts to Mozza, the more upscale Osteria Mozza that serves culinary creations from the chef's  travels. Pizzeria Mozza on the other hand is more casual that serves up wholesome italian pizzas.

I didn't manage to take many pictures, coz i was famished.. and was licking my fingers, savouring every bit of the food

Some of the dishes i can remember that's got me wanting more are:

- Fried Potatoes with Rosemary leaves

- Fried risotto balls with Bolgonese (i think.... )

- Chicken Wings

- Calamari al forno with fagioli & oregano

Funghi mistifontinataleggio & thyme (Pizza)

-Bacon, salami, fennel sausage, guanciale, tomato & mozzarella (Pizza)




While all very yummy, they tend to be a tad too salty. Even their desserts were salty, especially theirCaramel copetta with marshmallow sauce & salted Spanish peanuts.

Maybe that's why they were 0.5 points short of getting full marks from 8 Days! Haha!

However, i do recommend them for anyone who loves Italian food, as they serve up quality with a different. What they offer is not the "run-of-the-mill" italian food that usually taste the same almost everywhere.