Something I am quite proud of and would love that teeny weeny bit of recognition is the fact that I worked on launching an FB page for my current company. Social Media, while quickly taking over and finding its way into many marketing teams’ plans, it is still a medium that is shunned by many others, especially so in the industry I am in.

There are concerns echoing in the organisation about how well we will do this, and whether or not it will backfire etc.

One month on…results on the page seems encouraging and has in fact created waves in the company. I am so sure FB will be a main medium of communication in the months ahead.

Having said that, no matter how big or small, everyone wants to be recognised for something…. but i think we are often shy to stand up and tell people that we deserve recognition… and most people needs that little bit of push to open up and share their untold stories.

Well… the campaign currently running on  - “ What do you want to be recognised for” does just that. We are encouraging people to come forward to tell us their stories… no matter significant or not in their eyes… they can do just that right here. The contest runs for 4 weeks (ending 28 Nov)…and the most exciting part is top three entries with the most votes (via “likes”) each week will win an iPad!

It is all about recognition!