Perth Trip 2010 – Final Instalment

I finally completed editing my favourite photos taken in Perth.

 Sunset Coast

Sunset coast…. we spent  two days at a bed and breakfast at Sorrento. Not only was the property and our hosts fantastic…the beach and the view you get is simply breathtaking! Enjoyed the evening walks we took along the beach with the cool sea breeze and warm sunshine… if only we stayed there longer. :)


The pic on the bottom right is Sorrento Bed and Breakfast which i just mentioned. The property is split into two levels, where the owners, Alan and Clodagh lived on the first storey, while the the second storey is kept exclusively for visitors like us. The bed was the cosier than most hotels i have stayed at… for the price we paid… we got so much more from staying here…. :)


Rottnest Island… having lived in Perth for 3 years…. i have never stepped foot onto Rottnest. It is only now that i realised what I have missed! An almost untouched island… with soft white sand… and clear blue water… Love Love Love the sun and the sea here!

Another holiday comes to close…and becomes a memory… now looking forward to the next which isn’t too far away…

Hong Kong 买东西,吃东西… Here I come!!!!


  1. I love seeing happy photos~ :)


  2. I love taking happy pics too! When will u be back on sunny island?


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