belated birthday brunch @ Hai Tien Lo

“Happy 31st Buffday to my dearest Hubz… time to grow up yah? Can you please please please don’t spend so much time on your games and crazybid?”


Have heard about the superb Hai Tien Lo’s dim sum, with it’s equally superb price tag…. hence always had two minds about dining there given Hwa is never really someone who likes to indulge (stingy poker! hahahah!)., yet loves to eat! Oh well… so without thinking too much, i made the reservation… and we made our way there on this lovely public holiday morning.

On storey 37 of Pan Pacific Singapore, this popular restaurant serves an a la carte brunch buffet of over 50 dishes (i think) every weekend and public holiday.

Let’s have a look at some of the yummies we tried….


Mini Buddha Jumps over the wall – Never tried this before from any other restaurants, hence this is my first…and not sure if it is good or otherwise. But, at first taste tells me it is well flavoured, hinting the richness of the ingredients used during preparation. Loved the huge juicy mushrooms that oozes the thick stew with every bite!


BBQ Pork Buns and Har Gow – Nothing special about these two…pretty normal, although I feel the skin of the bbq pork bun is light and fluffy, and does not stick to your teeth like some others…thus making it easy to eat, and less filling to the stomach.


Bird’s Nest Egg Tart – Hmmm… pastry not flaky enough…custard not silky and sweet enough…bird’s nest quite bland. :(


These two are actually of my favourites: Pan fried dough with homemade XO sauce…i think it’s the XO sauce that made the difference to this simple dish.. don’t quite know how to describe… but after first taste… i can’t stop wanting more! Haha! And then there’s the Deep fried prawns with Wasabi mayo. The prawns were huge, juicy and crunchy all at the same time!! Paired with the wasabi mayo….hmm…. Perfect!


Another of my favourite… the sharks’ fin soup… One of the best I have ever had with huge chunks of sweet crab meat , and equally huge pieces of sharks’ fin…. and for me, who don’t usually fancy sharks’ fin to say this… means it is definitely quite good!

There’s two must tries… which I forgot to take piccies of are the Deep fried soft shell crab with oats and their steamed codfish with black bean sauce…

Well… there are definitely some items on the menu that’s worth trying… although i feel it is not all that fantastic as portrayed in one of those channel 8 food shows…however, with the attentive service and superb view… I would give Hai Tien Lo 4/5!

Cost: $150 for two.



  1. Hey that's a pretty good price for 2 people! Food looks good too.

  2. Yeah.... It is more than worth it come to think of it... ESP since it is a buffet!

  3. Anonymous9:37 am


    thx for ur blog on the buffet
    anyway wld like to check wirh u on experiences for crazybid...
    did u all even won smth before?

  4. Hi... not tooo sure what you want to know about crazybid... but yes... we have some items before... :) Mostly small items... and not the big ticket ones.


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