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goodbye yellow...

“Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending.”  ~Lazurus Long I have made the decision more than a month back to leave my present job for another. This is probably one of the hardest decision I have made in my career so far. I love my job…I love the opportunities given to me, the trust people in the office have in me. I love the people….and the chemistry the team has. Then everyone starts asking… if i like whatever that’s going on…why do i then want to leave? My answer? Hope . Hope that with the change, I will start having the time to do the things I have always wanted. Hope that the new environment will help me attain the things I dream of...and Hope that I can slow my pace down… and start enjoying the world around me. I know this sounds quite ridiculous to some… and many have the other view that jumping into some place new … also brings about an equal and even greater stress than staying in a place of familiarity. Like what I have said to people around me

belated birthday brunch @ Hai Tien Lo

“Happy 31st Buffday to my dearest Hubz… time to grow up yah? Can you please please please don’t spend so much time on your games and crazybid?” Have heard about the superb Hai Tien Lo’s dim sum, with it’s equally superb price tag…. hence always had two minds about dining there given Hwa is never really someone who likes to indulge (stingy poker! hahahah!)., yet loves to eat! Oh well… so without thinking too much, i made the reservation… and we made our way there on this lovely public holiday morning. On storey 37 of Pan Pacific Singapore, this popular restaurant serves an a la carte brunch buffet of over 50 dishes (i think) every weekend and public holiday. Let’s have a look at some of the yummies we tried…. Mini Buddha Jumps over the wall – Never tried this before from any other restaurants, hence this is my first…and not sure if it is good or otherwise. But, at first taste tells me it is well flavoured, hinting the richness of the ingredients used during preparation. Loved t


Something I am quite proud of and would love that teeny weeny bit of recognition is the fact that I worked on launching an FB page for my current company. Social Media, while quickly taking over and finding its way into many marketing teams’ plans, it is still a medium that is shunned by many others, especially so in the industry I am in. There are concerns echoing in the organisation about how well we will do this, and whether or not it will backfire etc. One month on…results on the page seems encouraging and has in fact created waves in the company. I am so sure FB will be a main medium of communication in the months ahead. Having said that, no matter how big or small, everyone wants to be recognised for something…. but i think we are often shy to stand up and tell people that we deserve recognition… and most people needs that little bit of push to open up and share their untold stories. Well… the campaign currently running on   - “ What do you want to

Perth Trip 2010 – Final Instalment

I finally completed editing my favourite photos taken in Perth.   Sunset coast…. we spent  two days at a bed and breakfast at Sorrento. Not only was the property and our hosts fantastic…the beach and the view you get is simply breathtaking! Enjoyed the evening walks we took along the beach with the cool sea breeze and warm sunshine… if only we stayed there longer. :) The pic on the bottom right is Sorrento Bed and Breakfast which i just mentioned. The property is split into two levels, where the owners, Alan and Clodagh lived on the first storey, while the the second storey is kept exclusively for visitors like us. The bed was the cosier than most hotels i have stayed at… for the price we paid… we got so much more from staying here…. :) Rottnest Island… having lived in Perth for 3 years…. i have never stepped foot onto Rottnest. It is only now that i realised what I have missed! An almost untouched island… with soft white sand… and clear blue water… Love Love Love the sun an