thank goodness for girlfriends

Been feeling tired and restless of late. Increased workload…coupled with some recent increase of a few friends (read: a FEW ) being blessed with baby luck kinda brought spirits down a little bit. Well….I thought i was doing well coping with the lack of baby luck ever since my op last May. But of course sometimes current situations may open up that little wound.


Whenever things get a litle rough… i am really thankful for girlfriends to ease the pressure a little for just being there.


I am someone who doesn’t thrive on socialising in pubs and bars. When i get tired and sad… all I need is for someone to have a cuppa tea… or a k session to chat or simply to be there.


I had a pretty good dinner with Addy and Jenny last Wednesday…. and it feels great to spend that quality time talking about almost everything under the “moon”. To top it up… we had a free meal!



DSCN0083Love these girls!


  1. flip thru that book i passed you. you can do random pages, whenever you need some inspiration :)


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