it’s friday already?!

Unfortunately…. it is …. and I am due back in Singapore  as well as to work in another 3 to 4 days time.


Hmmm…. although this holiday isn’t much of a sight-seeing one… but generally… we are enjoying every bit of doing almost nothing everyday away from humid & hazy home. Hwa is still sleeping the morning away at this time, leaving me with the time to type this entry.


Coming to Perth brought back so much memories of how cool and relaxing life is… and can be. Nothing has really changed over the 8 years which is quite amazing. Can u imagine some shops at the popular shopping malls are still at the very same unit it was about 8 to 10 years back?! It feels like so many things just stood still… Not quite sure if it’s a good or bad thing…. but it is comforting to know that change is not necessarily needed to move on and progress.


Anyway… some piccies first before i load more when i get back…



Ready in our car for a day out at Swan Valley


I am having a JetStar moment! Yay!


At Sunset Coast trying to catch a sunset of course!


  1. Your Hwa looks like Tony Leung in the last picture! LOL!!

  2. really meh...?! Hahahaha! some people say look at nicholas tse... hahaha

  3. Nice!Did u do something to your hair?

  4. He got superstar's face lah! :)


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