Rochester Park

I was at Rochester Park twice in a week… Love the place. Away from the maddening crowd in town.


I was invited to a mixed wedding @ 9 Rochester Park , Krish. When i got the invitation… was looking forward to it loads. Partly because I have not been to Rochester park… but also I love weddings especially when it’s not the boring hotel sit-down ones.


Krish has a very large outdoor bar in a very serene and prettily manicured lawn. The unique furniture and natural setting gave the wedding a very heartwarming feel.



Famliy were seated in the restaurant, and had their 4 course dinner served at their tables…. while the outdoors were for friends and dinner was served in a buffet line, it is really fine by us as we were pampered with free flow of champagne, wine, beer and Krish’s house cocktail.  However, the buffet line was pretty much empty till about 9.45pm… which got many of us quite upset as we were famished by then. Other than this minor hiccup… the food was actually quite tasty. Although i did not see what I was eating…. i recall having duck and codfish (i think!)  which was cooked pretty much to perfection. It was a pity that we were not able to savour it given we all wanted to go home at that point.


Well…. i guess Krish was not very ready for such a big crowd of over 300 people… oh well. That one experience has not quite created a bad impression, at least to me, and I am waiting for the next opportunity to try out their Sunday Brunch. Everyone… or even restaurant deserves a second chance. And… for brides to be who wants a different outdoor wedding experience, Krish is definitely one you can consider.


Friday saw me going back to Rochester Park, although this time to No.1.

F1 night means every where in town was packed with people…and Ineeded to chillax. While we initially wanted to K, B2 & myself, with some Safrians found ourselves having wine and cheese in the outdoors.

We ordered some french fries with Truffle Oil, but found them disappointing as it tasted like they were trying to stinge on the oil. Hmmmm…. have tasted better ones at Alcova… so this missed the mark.


Well… my verdict is that am definitely gonna find myself @ Rochester Park pretty often.


Love chilling close to nature :).