a wake up call…

A colleague  of mine passed away last thursday night / friday morning… Her passing was very sudden , and people around her did not even have time to say their goodbyes. Till today, we do not even know what caused her death as she was well and good on Thursday morning… she had no illness… and always been her bubbly, friendly and helpful self. The word was stress, and that was the silent killer. Though not apparent, she worked too hard and vented too little. What broke our hearts was she left behind a 10 year old daughter and her hubz was in Canada on a business trip.


People all around the office were clearly affected as we have in one way or another worked with her. And being the nice person she always was… sadness just fills our hearts.


I think the most important thing is, her departure is a wake up call to many. Work is really not the be all and end all. We do not have the faintest idea when our last day on earth will be… so why get all worked up… pissed… angry… furious over bits and pieces which in most circumstances will, at some point evaporate and be forgotten.


I was not happy today… and it’s over something that has been bugging me for some time now. To be more specific… it is since the day my boss left the company. I hate the feeling of having fallen from grace. While i know it is silly… and that no one will be the blue-eyed boy/girl forever… it makes me feel like all efforts have turned to naught.


Of cos, something happened today that triggered some pretty intensed unhappiness… which i obviously shared with no one except writing it in here. Whatever it is…. when i remind myself of the passing of my colleague… all that matters now is just to be happy… and to channel all my negative energy to loving the people around me.  Do the same for yourself.