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Yup! Hubz got us an iPad after I raved at how cool it was to look at pictures on it. This was after having a sneak peek at it from jojo!

Well... I have always knew how cool apple products are, but never quite owned one. I was one of those who stood firm on my loyalty for the BB, hence when everyone went mad at the launch of iPhone 3GS, I stayed clear. One reason is that my fat fingers can't seem to work well with the iPhone.

The iPad solved that problem of mine especially when we turn it to a landscape mode, I can type quite smoothly like I am at my lappy. I am actually typing this post wholly using my iPad, and doing this quite smoothly too!

While there are limited local apps for iPad , I love how I can quickly access information without waiting for it to load, unlike my lappy.... Perfect for someone like me who cannot live without the internet!

I am enjoying every bit of the iPad, although I dun think I will ever give up my beloved lappy as I love being my old fashioned self...typing away at the keyboard!


  1. Welcome to the world of iPad-ing!! :)

  2. Anonymous10:35 pm

    Oh I wanna get an iPad too!!! I'm also and still is an iVirgin buahahahah!!!


  3. Maybe u can start with an iPhone 4 first. My colleague got it.... And looks really sleek!

  4. Anonymous12:20 am

    u know i'm a hardcore bb user too... and i'm most likely getting the new white bb bold :D soon as i settle my debt...



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