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Geeky toy

Yup! Hubz got us an iPad after I raved at how cool it was to look at pictures on it. This was after having a sneak peek at it from jojo! Well... I have always knew how cool apple products are, but never quite owned one. I was one of those who stood firm on my loyalty for the BB, hence when everyone went mad at the launch of iPhone 3GS, I stayed clear. One reason is that my fat fingers can't seem to work well with the iPhone. The iPad solved that problem of mine especially when we turn it to a landscape mode, I can type quite smoothly like I am at my lappy. I am actually typing this post wholly using my iPad, and doing this quite smoothly too! While there are limited local apps for iPad , I love how I can quickly access information without waiting for it to load, unlike my lappy.... Perfect for someone like me who cannot live without the internet! I am enjoying every bit of the iPad, although I dun think I will ever give up my beloved lappy as I love being my old fashioned

All booked...

Finalised the air tickets, car rental and 3 different accomodation for our october's trip down under. Well, I have always wanted to bring hwa to perth, to have a look at my life while in uni... At the same time, I want to visit some other parts of the western state which I have never been before. Can't wait!!!! Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld

thinking of a change…

…in hairstyle that is…. Should i leave my hair as is… till it’s really long…. and go for those huge sexy curls… or maybe a short bob…hmmmmmmm   Here’s a look @ my past 3 years…   Ideas anyone?  

a wake up call…

A colleague  of mine passed away last thursday night / friday morning… Her passing was very sudden , and people around her did not even have time to say their goodbyes. Till today, we do not even know what caused her death as she was well and good on Thursday morning… she had no illness… and always been her bubbly, friendly and helpful self. The word was stress, and that was the silent killer. Though not apparent, she worked too hard and vented too little. What broke our hearts was she left behind a 10 year old daughter and her hubz was in Canada on a business trip.   People all around the office were clearly affected as we have in one way or another worked with her. And being the nice person she always was… sadness just fills our hearts.   I think the most important thing is, her departure is a wake up call to many. Work is really not the be all and end all. We do not have the faintest idea when our last day on earth will be… so why get all worked up… pissed… angry… furious ov

Brunchie munchie

Well... I think I just found another place for weekend brunch with girlfrens in the ever crowded orchard road, and this place has actually been around for ages... Domani is the old pokka cafe , tucked away in a little corner of basement 1 takashimaya. Almost forgot its existence and was pleasantly surprised with the new decor and unqiue menu. Portions for their brunch menu was huge... And best of all, they have the traditional english tea and pastries served up on pretty silver multi-tiered trays... Just the way I like my afternoon tea. :) Domani is still run by pokka fyi... Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld