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Pleasant Experience @ MAH

I have in recent times learned to give compliments when I see good service. I mean, the folks in the service industry get enuff shit from over-demanding singaporeans who complain at every small inaction, which sometimes makes every third person's blood boil. Treat people with the same respect you expect to be given, and that is what I always live by. I have had my fair share of experience dealing with hospitals, both private and govt. My recent surgery at Mt Alvernia proved that there are healthcare professionals who really care, and not doing what they do because it is "just a job". The people at MAH made my surgery experience less scary than it seems, registration was effortless, waiting and prep for the op was made as comfortable as possible even when the day surgery ward was at full occupancy. Discharge was pleasant where nurses fussed over me making sure I was really ok. And... They made the effort to call the following day to ensure there was no dire after eff

Reebonz June Luxury Sale

Hey sistas…. Reebonz having their June luxury sale soon…. click on the pic below to rsvp… :) So excited!

I am 30...

Feel very blessed to have so many people remember my hatchday this year ( although I have to admit, it is probably partly becoz of the power of FaceBook). Well, whether or not it is social media @ play, i choose to believe people send their well wishes across cos they want to! :) Like what some people say... 30 is the new 20s... and I cannot agree more. Being financially independent means I am better able to enjoy the finer things in life, yet occasionally bask in its simplicity.  For once after 8 years of being a couple, Hubz made a mini effort to take me away for a weekend out of town. Although it was only across the causeway... it was a good start esp with a not surprising surprise birthday cake delivered to our hotel room.  of coz, not forgetting the annual flowers to the office "Surprise". :) This year, it's Lilies.... so i suppose next year will be roses... :) hahahaha! At 30, it was also my first time going for a surgery. Yeah.... i found out that one of m

I want these…

Was out with Bestie this evening… and tried these on  @ Warehouse. Love love love them… and I honestly think i look damn good in them! Hahahahahaah!

missing them…

As much as i hate to admit it, i miss the two who have left the team. Although i was angry and upset when they took turns to go… looking back… it is probably coz i care about them…. when colleagues turn to friends, that’s when every action or inaction from each and everyone matters. I  miss the competitive, yet friendly banters…. the laughter…. the gossips…. the angst….and the list goes on. The past year and a half was in fact one of the best times in my career. Learnt and grew over such a short time. While i miss them…. life goes on…. and as change is the only constant, I can only continue to move on. Time to once again justify my existence.