my Nike

Hwa has been walking into Nike shops over the past two weeks, and looking earnestly @ the Apple / Nike Plus device. In his usual prudent fashion, he walks out not purchasing it at all.

On Friday, I decided to pop into the nearest Nike shop to get him the Nike Plus + Sportsband. Silly me did not realise that  with his iPhone, he actually does not need the sportsband at all. Nonetheless, he was a happy boy. One thing led to another… where he got another device, and passed me the first device + sportsband so we can run together. Then we realised… we needed a pair of nike shoes each so the device can work properly…. so… ta-dah! New shoes!

Anyway… just did my “first run/walk”…. and loving the Nike website… Now there’s an easy and fuss free way to track my runs. But… i think the only downside is … i am unable to include my regular yoga sessions into the same programme… Oh well…

If only all my digital marketing work is as fantastic as this site!

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