swim for a cause

No. I am not swimming for a cause…. but my neighbour @ work, who i sometimes endearingly refer to as my twin @ work…is.

Aviva, my employer is once again sponsoring the Aviva Ironman 70.3 this year. With last year seeing quite few internal teams taking part in the corporate challenge, this year is no different. Not only are there more teams, but also more colleagues pushing past their comfort zones to participate as solos… meaning doing all three legs of the competition on their own.

To put some icing onto this encouraging sight, some of my colleagues are racing for a cause. They have  selected charities of their choice, and we as their supporters can do our part  by donating to these charities.

Well… as a member of the brand and marketing services team, i would have obviously done my part by donating to the charities that resonates closely to what I believe in… and that means supporting some pretty close colleagues. Having done that …. kinda used up my monthly “charity allowance”. While I would love to support my twin… i think I would do it in other better ways…. like being his assistant during his song and dance  in bid to raise funds, as well as posting his cause up here.

Mr Eshin or once again my twin has picked two charities he hopes to raise some funds for…. 1) UN High Commission for  Refugees & 2) Asian Women’s Welfare association.  You can obviously donate directly to these charities… or to make things simpler, you can  visit Mr Eshin’s page on Ammado – Swim for a cause – where you can help him raise a combined total of S$2,000 for both charities.

Whatever the case is, i am very impressed with how my colleagues are all putting in so much time and effort , to not only overcome adversities of taking part in such a high endurance sport, but also the fact that they put their effort up to help those in need. Kudos to them… and who ever reads this, hope you can support Mr Eshin, as your help goes a long long way for many.

Looking forward to the race in a week’s time.