Finally made my first purchase on


Have always wanted to make myself the proud owner all those chic designer labels off Reebonz as their prices are always too good to resist. Alas… my fingers were never fast enuff. By the time i get to the website, most of the popular designs would have been snapped up by other fashionistas.

Last Thursday, while waiting for my slowcoach colleagues to go out for a happy lunch… i decided to drop by Reebonz exactly at 12pm ( that’s the time when each event @ Reebonz commences…). Then i saw Coach… Instinctively… i went in… found one design… without thinking too much… clicked on “Buy”… If i did not forget my paypal password… i would have completed the transaction in less than 10 min! Hmmm….  to some… this sounds like an impulse buy… Well… i would concur actually.


I became $500 poorer… yet a bag richer. Who cares right… as long as I am happy! The change in my mood was apparently too obvious for colleagues NOT to notice! Wahahaha!

Today… this uber cool team @ Reebonz made my day once again! My package was actually due to arrive next sat…10am… but guess what…?! I got my bag in bed! The new addition to my bag collection arrived a week + an hour earlier! WooHoo!

Anyway… enough of my rave… to those who wanna check Reebnoz out… click tru here…

Now that i have practiced “fastest finger first”… i can smell MiuMiu, Gucci and Prada coming my way!

Oh… did i forget to mention…Hubz has very kindly offered to pay for my “mindless” purchase! Sweet!


  1. I smell TROUBLE.... ha ha ha...

  2. Yes my dear... i realised i created a community of followers in the office just in a day.... faint! power of new media


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