inspired to be an iron(wo)man?


As my third Aviva Ironman 70.3 as a spectator came to a close, I get that familiar feeling which i had exactly a year ago.

I recall changing into my exercise gear and headed out for jog right after i returned home from the Ironman last year.  I was extremely inspired… and told myself I wanted to start running… and eventually take part in a women’s run. Well… i did take part in the GE run…but i was coerced into it.

This year… i am inspired again,… this time, I am thinking if i should pick up competitive distance swimming. Hmm… but that would mean I’ve got to start my training like now. While I stood by the swim start, watching the participants  run down the sandy beach into the sea for their swim…. i do wish i can be like them. But then, when i saw how exhausted some of them were after the first leg… i started to have second thoughts.

Inspired?  I definitely am. Gamed enuff? Maybe not.

Let’s stick to running for now… 10km next….