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Finally made my first purchase on .   Have always wanted to make myself the proud owner all those chic designer labels off Reebonz as their prices are always too good to resist. Alas… my fingers were never fast enuff. By the time i get to the website, most of the popular designs would have been snapped up by other fashionistas. Last Thursday, while waiting for my slowcoach colleagues to go out for a happy lunch… i decided to drop by Reebonz exactly at 12pm ( that’s the time when each event @ Reebonz commences…). Then i saw Coach… Instinctively… i went in… found one design… without thinking too much… clicked on “Buy”… If i did not forget my paypal password… i would have completed the transaction in less than 10 min! Hmmm….  to some… this sounds like an impulse buy… Well… i would concur actually. I became $500 poorer… yet a bag richer. Who cares right… as long as I am happy! The change in my mood was apparently too obvious for colleagues NOT to notice! Wahahaha

inspired to be an iron(wo)man?

As my third Aviva Ironman 70.3 as a spectator came to a close, I get that familiar feeling which i had exactly a year ago. I recall changing into my exercise gear and headed out for jog right after i returned home from the Ironman last year.  I was extremely inspired… and told myself I wanted to start running… and eventually take part in a women’s run. Well… i did take part in the GE run…but i was coerced into it. This year… i am inspired again,… this time, I am thinking if i should pick up competitive distance swimming. Hmm… but that would mean I’ve got to start my training like now. While I stood by the swim start, watching the participants  run down the sandy beach into the sea for their swim…. i do wish i can be like them. But then, when i saw how exhausted some of them were after the first leg… i started to have second thoughts. Inspired?  I definitely am. Gamed enuff? Maybe not. Let’s stick to running for now… 10km next….


Remember i mentioned in a previous post that I was itching to get myself a new toy? I actually did. And that was like a few months ago. I got myself a hybrid digital camera (do we even call them hybrids?!) – Canon SX20IS … but have not used it as often as I would like to…SO, have decided to make the best of my investment… and start snapping. Am no photographer, but this is a first step to feed my desire to take pretty pictures. I feel my spirits lifted after walking in the park after a drizzle…Nature is refreshed…so am i.

it ain’t over til its over…

Realised I have not been conscientiously updating my blog, and not because i have ran out of things to write about. I have always used this as an avenue for me to vent my frustrations  or share my joys, and the past one month has been no lack of frustrations…. short of joys. As Lillian Too has quite accurately said in her “Fortune & Feng Shui 2010” , the year of the Tiger is going to be tough one for monkeys. To be very honest, while i enjoy reading these fortune and fengshui stuff… i never really believed them, neither do I follow them. But i can’t help marveling at how much of what has happened  has got so much parallels with book. There’s been a whirlwind of events since the lunar new year, and I am seriously struggling to keep my head above the water. I am trying to keep my spirits up, as I know the journey ahead will be rather bumpy. I started the year losing a very dear friend … my dog… and his passing is something, till today, we are not able to talk about  in the

swim for a cause

No. I am not swimming for a cause…. but my neighbour @ work, who i sometimes endearingly refer to as my twin @ work…is. Aviva, my employer is once again sponsoring the Aviva Ironman 70.3 this year. With last year seeing quite few internal teams taking part in the corporate challenge, this year is no different. Not only are there more teams, but also more colleagues pushing past their comfort zones to participate as solos… meaning doing all three legs of the competition on their own. To put some icing onto this encouraging sight, some of my colleagues are racing for a cause. They have  selected charities of their choice, and we as their supporters can do our part  by donating to these charities. Well… as a member of the brand and marketing services team, i would have obviously done my part by donating to the charities that resonates closely to what I believe in… and that means supporting some pretty close colleagues. Having done that …. kinda used up my monthly “charity allowance”

big heart, small ego

Grabbed the title of this post off one of my friend’s msn status  I felt it makes so much sense and that this definitely something lacking in many many people. Take a minute to reflect on the happenings of the day… did you get upset at someone or feel some people are incompetent? Or did someone think little of you… and you felt like you’ve been bashed up left, right & centre? Well… we often hold ourselves high in esteem and in bid to protect ourselves, we close our hearts to others. That’s probably why there’s so many unhappy souls out there… me included. :) I am going to start making this my daily mantra… “ Cultivate a big heart & small ego”….