a second try…

One thing I love about being a chinese is the chance to have a second try @ making new year’s resolutions. It’s always easy to erase the resolutions made on 1st Jan… and create new ones just to make myself feel better. Or rather… to pretend not having broken any resolutions made.

I told myself to face challenges this year with optimism, and control stress in my best efforts.

Barely 2 months into 2010, I have succumbed and started getting upset over the endless piles of rubbish called work. Can’t help wondering if I am at the right place, and if I am appreciated at all.

A sudden, yet familiar urge subconsciously takes over. The urge of walking away to find myself.

Anyway… hope the year of the tiger brings all that everyone hopes for. I wish it will be a year of hope & joy… :)

Happy New Year… and i want to continue to face life with optimism! 


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