I have recently switched from being a huge fan of almost everything bodyshop to today… a true blue korean skincare addict. Love skinfood to bits, but always found their stuff a little overpriced… so i would only purchase their products “in moderation”.

This… is not until I found www.komart.sg.

Komart sells a range of korean beauty products of different brands. Skinfood, The Face Shop, innisfree, Missha etc…. at fraction of the price u find at the outlets. And…. when they have their regular promotions, prices are as low as 50% off the price  we know.

Used them once, and got my colleagues hooked! Service was prompt and staff were friendly. Website was user-friendly too… although i stumbled upon a mini bug… which was fixed quite quickly. Anyway… while they obviously don’t have the full range of products from each brand, like what you see @ the retailers… what they do have are the popular ones…. which we use so often. So… all in all…. this site is God-sent! :)

Well…. just in case some of you are wondering why I changed my skincare preference…. there is nothing wrong with Bodyshop! I still have my favourites like the African Salt Scrub, my tea tree bleamish stick, tea-tree body wash….and of coz… I always loved my facials @ GreenSanctury – BodyShop….still love, always will love . So…. nothing wrong at all… i just wanted a change….


  1. woooo i'm crazzzzy over korean stuffs nw too! but i'm buying from gmarket korea, nt too sure if it'll be cheaper den urs? cos i buy more of their shoes n clothes. check it out too!! :D

  2. yeah yeah... i was just about to ask you about your cheap winter clothes.... hahaha! I will go looksee looksee.....

  3. my loots just arrived via SQ today! i tink i shld be getting them soon. Will post up to share when i get it! :)

  4. Anonymous10:44 pm

    count me in for your next purchase, need to top up face mask!

  5. woohoo thats how I like it! The people posting the better!
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