what’s your purpose in life?

Someone asked me this question sometime ago. While it seems like a really simple question, but when you spend some time thinking about it, the answer ain’t that straight forward after all.

When was the last time you asked someone or yourself that question?  I, in all honesty, cannot tell you offhand what’s my purpose in life. But what I do know is, I have things I want to do , things I want to achieve in my life. But those does not necessarily constitute to the purpose for my being here, right?

Well… i think when someone does not have a goal in life, it makes them hard for others to understand… Not that it matters at all to me…. but it just makes me wonder how anyone at all can live their life absolutely not knowing what they are living for? Ermm… I sound cryptic? Yeah I do…

Just a random thought while waiting for a meeting…. I hope I haven’t started anyone thinking now…. haha!