a “twix” of my life

Someone offered me some chocolates in this really cute bear bottle. The mini twix bar caught my eye. I cannot remember when was the last time I savoured and truly enjoyed a bar of twix. It’s been my all time favourite bar of cadbury choc…. but can’t find it here in Singapore. Being my preferred choice, also brings me lots of very pleasant memories.

The first time I had a twix was when I was studying in Perth. I have always loved the 3 years there…I always feel at peace just thinking of how carefree and simple things were back then.

A simple bar of twix brings me back to the days when Ms P. would go out running her errands… and coming home with a pack of twix for me and a bar of fruit and nut for yammie…

As housies… we always try to make little efforts to buy little pressies for one another, just to make each other’s day.

Although we never always saw eye to eye,  never really agreed on everything… but i guess the 3 years spent together held many good memories…

Well… at least it did for me.

Although housies and me have not kept very much in touch. It’s still the best times that I keep. And it’s the memories that a  simple bar of twix evokes in me.


  1. I don't remember that I take fruit and nut bars leh...hee...

  2. so must be one of us buy for Ms P one lah!


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