a new toy?

** tapping fingers on the table ** Been thinking of getting a brand new camera… the point & shoot kind… that gives us a manual option, with very close macros… yet not quite a DSLR. While DSLR is my ultimate dream… I don’t think I am quite there yet in terms of my photography skills. :) The new camera really is for urbannook… (haha… my excuse to get myself a new toy more like it!)

Some options…

Nikon Coolpix L100

!BVc(KtwBGk~$(KGrHgoH-C0EjlLlu15ZBKSivhVU8w~~_35 Would love the P90… but i think it’s a bit too costly for my wimps and fancy…. hence thought the L100 fits the bill perfectly….

Sony Cyber-shot H20

sonyA similar sony model to the nikon l100. Slightly more expensive, while i feel some specs are not as good as the l100.

Canon Powershot SX120

powershotsx120is-banner  LALALALA… Smaller and lighter… this one?

Hmmmm…… *taps fingers*