change is the only constant…

Over a short period of a month, there’s been almost a change in  the people front almost every week.

I think, today was the one change that made me slip into a mini depression.

Someone who taught me a lot in this job, someone who supports all my initiatives, and is 100% committed to a common goal of putting our customers at the heart of what we do.

Someone who’s always so positive…. someone who rose through the ranks… someone who’s always encouraging me on…. never giving up.

She has decided to step down to spend time @ home with the kiddies. I think she made the right decision as nothing beats watching your lovely children grow up day on day…. taking their first step, speaking their first word, reading their first book…..

While i wish her all the best…. i know I am going to miss her dearly. Don’t know how everything will turn out to after she leaves. All I can tell myself is to press on… tomorrow will be better!

To this lovely lady… i will miss u. All the best to you!