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a recent favourite

Just finished 2 other twdrama series. Started with “A Game about Love” … led by Joe Chen and Sam Wang Shao Wei, and got quite impressed with Sam Wang. For those who don’t know who this guy is…. he makes up part of the idol group 5566, and also 183 Club. While he has been in the industry for a long time now, never took a second look…. and never thought much of him since his other group members always seem to outshine him. But, since watching this series… felt that he is charming in his own ways….and talented in many other ways…. dance lah, act lah, sing lah…. and now is an entrepreneur. Hence… I went on to watch “ The Prince who turned into a Frog” , and once again feel that Sam Wang may just be one of the not so fortunate ones to be the lead in everything he does…. and almost always play second fiddle to his group. But still…. my favourite for now…although a bit late…. (move aside Jay Chou, Wang Lee Hom and JJ Lin!!!!!! hahaa!)--- I can see B2 rolling her eyes now! I am going

what’s your purpose in life?

Someone asked me this question sometime ago. While it seems like a really simple question, but when you spend some time thinking about it, the answer ain’t that straight forward after all. When was the last time you asked someone or yourself that question?  I, in all honesty, cannot tell you offhand what’s my purpose in life. But what I do know is, I have things I want to do , things I want to achieve in my life. But those does not necessarily constitute to the purpose for my being here, right? Well… i think when someone does not have a goal in life, it makes them hard for others to understand… Not that it matters at all to me…. but it just makes me wonder how anyone at all can live their life absolutely not knowing what they are living for? Ermm… I sound cryptic? Yeah I do… Just a random thought while waiting for a meeting…. I hope I haven’t started anyone thinking now…. haha!

a new toy?

** tapping fingers on the table ** Been thinking of getting a brand new camera… the point & shoot kind… that gives us a manual option, with very close macros… yet not quite a DSLR. While DSLR is my ultimate dream… I don’t think I am quite there yet in terms of my photography skills. :) The new camera really is for urbannook… (haha… my excuse to get myself a new toy more like it!) Some options… Nikon Coolpix L100 Would love the P90… but i think it’s a bit too costly for my wimps and fancy…. hence thought the L100 fits the bill perfectly…. Sony Cyber-shot H20 A similar sony model to the nikon l100. Slightly more expensive, while i feel some specs are not as good as the l100. Canon Powershot SX120   LALALALA… Smaller and lighter… this one? Hmmmm…… *taps fingers*

a new past time

During one of those saturday nights when Hubz had his frens over for mahjong, i decided to rummage through BIL’s taiwan drama collection. Here I mean the idol kind… with good looking lead male and female artiste. Not those long winded soap operas like 爱 that airs every weekend. Anyway… i did that just to past time on a lonely sat night, while working on some pieces of jewellery for urbannook. I started on “Why Why Love” (換換愛)… A romantic comedy about a girl, Tong Jia Di,  burdened with work to pay off her family’s debts… yet needs more to life than that. Hence, her best friend sneaks in a “Love” coupon into Jia Di's raffle box with the hope that a lucky guy will draw it become Jia Di’s prince. As it so happens, Huo Yan, the compassionate manager Jia Di has secret crush on, is the lucky guy who she affections calls 第10个男生. But, tho' the prince can exchange the coupon for Cinderella's love, it doesn't mean he will, especially when his devilish younger brother is deter

change is the only constant…

Over a short period of a month, there’s been almost a change in  the people front almost every week. I think, today was the one change that made me slip into a mini depression. Someone who taught me a lot in this job, someone who supports all my initiatives, and is 100% committed to a common goal of putting our customers at the heart of what we do. Someone who’s always so positive…. someone who rose through the ranks… someone who’s always encouraging me on…. never giving up. She has decided to step down to spend time @ home with the kiddies. I think she made the right decision as nothing beats watching your lovely children grow up day on day…. taking their first step, speaking their first word, reading their first book….. While i wish her all the best…. i know I am going to miss her dearly. Don’t know how everything will turn out to after she leaves. All I can tell myself is to press on… tomorrow will be better! To this lovely lady… i will miss u. All the best to you!

chinese chicken . fruit platter . caffeine overdose…

… chocolate éclairs, intensed , dark and dingy meeting room, planning , timelines, boomz, people in the radio, undernourished kids , exhaustion, worried, still worrying, 9 Oct , info overload, fun & laughter , drama king, devil beside me…. That kinda sums up my day. Nothing extraordinary, but that’s all I can remember of today.  It’s going to be a tough tough month ahead before i go for my vacation. Is it their way of pushing me over the fence? Bless my soul.

a “twix” of my life

Someone offered me some chocolates in this really cute bear bottle. The mini twix bar caught my eye. I cannot remember when was the last time I savoured and truly enjoyed a bar of twix. It’s been my all time favourite bar of cadbury choc…. but can’t find it here in Singapore. Being my preferred choice, also brings me lots of very pleasant memories. The first time I had a twix was when I was studying in Perth. I have always loved the 3 years there…I always feel at peace just thinking of how carefree and simple things were back then. A simple bar of twix brings me back to the days when Ms P. would go out running her errands… and coming home with a pack of twix for me and a bar of fruit and nut for yammie… As housies… we always try to make little efforts to buy little pressies for one another, just to make each other’s day. Although we never always saw eye to eye,  never really agreed on everything… but i guess the 3 years spent together held many good memories… Well… at least i