my favourite things…

Lyrics | Maria - My Favorite Things lyrics

I found myself humming to the tune of this song on my way to the train station after a not so happy day.

While humming… i feel my spirits lifted a teeny weeny bit. Guess it really works! I pictured Maria in “The Sound of Music” dancing away on her four poster bed… with the 7 kids tucked into the bed on a stormy night… and then life doesn’t seem all that bad anymore!

Well…. the past two weeks have been quite horrid in my own terms. Feeling tired and weary. Probably it’s a sign to take a long long break. Am contemplating resting for a good 3 months to recharge… and maybe even re-evaluate what else I would want to do with my life. Of coz, at times like this, being able to keep a job is probably a blessing and not a given. Hence…having my various financial commitments… I can carry on dreaming….:P

The next best option I have now is to simply remember my favourite things… and then I don’t feeeeeeeeellll so bad!

All i want to do now is to :

1) Give my Mummy and my Teddy Bear Brother a BIG HUG! ( hmmm prob I should give them a “ Gd Nite” sms now!)

2) Give Hubz a BIG HUG too!

3) Hit the shops… and buy, bUY, BUY! TeeHee! (will do that right after work tmr!)

4) Have a McD Happy Meal! (Just did!!!! McDelivery is the Best!)

5) Swim 10 laps. (Dun have a pool tho)

6) Soak in the bathtub! (Dun have a tub either)

7) Hmgmm……… goo to bed and wish that tmr will nvr come!