random thots on a sunday night

  • i dun want to go to work tomorrow. In fact…. i am dreading it.
  • i wish i can have more time to work on UrbanNook. There’s so much i can do … but time is not a luxury now.
  • i am yearning for a beach getaway.
  • i want to do absolutely nothing for a month.
  • i am getting extremely pressured…. to do two person’s job.
  • i dun know how long i can hold out. i hope stress does not get the better of me.
  • i need to stay focused but i can’t seem to.
  • project b is getting no where, which adds to the list of things i am most worried about.
  • i want to go to bed now, but i am afraid that when i open my eyes…. it’s time to go to work.
  • i am tired.

Good night.


  1. Don't stress. Stress won't help with Project B - I am sure!

    A job being a job, never bring *physically & mentally* your job back home. It's easier said than done, I know, but it's not that difficult also.

    2-3 times a week, take a walk in the park or the beach. Best with your hubby and just talk about anything BUT job.

    Always remember I am just an email away! (although I am literally half the globe away...) :P


  2. i know .... i know it wun help. It's those times once again where i really feel like throwing in the towel and tell everyone... that's it.

    Hiah.... one of those times...


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