i had to accept…

Dad had a nasty fall from a 2 m high ladder last weekend. Old and less nimble… means his reflexes were also slower. This resulted in a fractured limb , arm and near amputated finger.

As much as I always tell myself that my parents are strong… and it will be a long time before we need to start thinking about eldercare etc… this freak accident was a wake up call for me. I had to accept that dad and mum are no longer able to fully care for themselves. They have in recent years become more dependent than i can remember.

Dad has to be wheelchair bound for at least 6 weeks. Everything happened so suddenly that we had to scramble to decide what’s the best care for him. We did consider putting him into a community hospital, till he is able to come home. While i used to shake my head at other people’s decision to do so in the past… i realised it is often inevitable. Mum’s too weak and frail to fully look after him, and bro and I need to work. Well… of coz I did not make that decision just yet…  but as it is now, bro and I are finding it tough to juggle… and take leave all so often to tend to our parents. While we may not go down that route this time…. when they get even older and other sickness befall them …. it will be an option we have  to seriously consider.

In any case… all i hope for now is that Dad will get better soon….

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