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happy mummy’s day…

Mum is someone who has been someone who has a great influence in my life. While i wud not say we have the best mother daughter relationship in this world… i have always had a lot of respect for her…. for who she is, and the values she holds. She made me the independent person I am today… and sometimes aloof you may say. But… every little step I take when I was growing up… i always stopped to think about what my mother would say… if she approved of what i did…. and will I make her upset etc. Nowadays… as she starts to age…. her emotions often gets the better of her… she worries that we will one day move on in our lives and forget all about her. She gets sad just staying @ home all alone. What I want to say to her is…. even though she will probably never get to read my blog is…. Mum… I love you heaps. You made me the person I am that I sometimes dun know how to show my love for you. It gets me down when you feel down. We will always be here for you every step of the way like you ha