my run

I ran 5km on wednesday! It's like wow lor.... at least for a person like me who detest running since school days.

Although I was in the netball school team, I always tried to find excuses not to do the training drills of running 2.4Km.... So... leaving school was the best thing that ever happened ... coz i never needed to do another 2.4km run ever.

Picked up running only recently, and the only motivation is weight loss. Yup.... not for fitness or whatsoever... but weight loss.

Whatever the motivation... i think having people to run with you makes it even easier.

Anyway... just surprised that at 1 year to my big 3, I could quite easily finish 5km. :) Something i never did when I was younger... so... ecstatic over my achievement!

More runs to come!


  1. Anonymous8:05 pm

    fwah! great job! it's the surest way to lose weight.

  2. hahahah! yah... maaybe will go for shape run in july....

  3. I am happy for you :)
    Way to go!!!



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