fly not with Tiger Airways

Weeks after booking myself a flight to BKK, and  being extremely pleased with the upcoming holiday.... i was notified by the airline that " For operational reasons, some changes have been made to your flight schedule..." So... they made the decision (without my consultation of coz!) to push my return flight to the next day, which means I needed to stay another night in BKK.

The notice below left me no choice but to accept their counter offer... becoz dun u think it sounded like if i dun accept... i will forfeit the $$ i paid for the flight?!


Well... anyway.... I am not a difficult customer to start of with... and acknowledging that the airline probably have somewhere in their terms and conditions that they reserve the right to change their flight schedules at their own discretion... I compliantly accepted the updated itinerary and went on to reserve another night @ the hotel (which is obviously at a higher price). That done.... i was once again pleased with myself... eagerly anticipating the day I leave for my holiday.

Two hours later.... this is what I got from the  airline!


I had absolutely no idea what was going on!!!!! First they tell me there were operational issues... then they tell me there's a system error!!! Isn't it obvious that it is a mistake on their end? And no matter how many times i read the mail... i dun see them standing up and admitting they made a mistake! I now find myself stuck in a situation which I can't seem to get out of. Who is going to pay for the extra night's accommodation? Shouldn't i be given an option to stick with the  new flight or choose to revert to the original one?

Feeling the need for an explanation.... i called the hotline, hoping someone can at least explain the situation. That is when the ordeal really started... and it is still going on. The calls either never got tru... or everytime it did get tru.. i had to hold the line for 30 to 40 min.... with no one picking upp the call!!!!

I tried calling 15 times over the past two days... I still haven spoken to anyone! So... email is the next option right?! No way! No email address at all! So... I had to resort to primitive fax method! But.... no one has called me back thus far....

In this day and age where the hype is all about  bringing quality service to customers.... I see myself receiving such appalling service... i dun know what to think about it. I live and breathe all things customers. Customer satisfaction and loyalty is what i do.... as I truly believe that the most cost effective way to market a pdt or svc is via word of mouth. So... u can imagine the extreme disappointment I felt with Tiger Airways.

I have travelled with a number of different budget airlines.... and this is the first time I encountered such an incident. Even Cebu Pacific provided on grd service that exceeded my expectations.

Where does that leave me? An extremely dissatisfied customer with tiger airways.... who just wasted $150 on a night's accommodation that I cannot enjoy just becoz I was a compliant customer. I want my $150 back.... and I will definitely tell as many people as I can about what a fool the airline has made me into.

I have just ticked the box of "Extremely dissatisfied with the Tiger".

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