a break...


Booked ourselves on tiger airways.... found a fantastic new hotel...Vie by Mgallery..... off we go to BKK in another  1.5 mths!



  1. Anonymous11:58 pm

    Cool! I love holidays! I'm going to Korea end of Apr, can't wait!!! Seems quite far from now and I've been thinking of a shorter getaway before that... it's so gloomy here.

  2. wow@ Korea! to see the ying hua?

    Going with who? I may be going langkawi in June / July...

    then china in November...

    And... maybe philippines or melaka in dec! hahahha!

    My whole year's holidays lined up!

    Want to go koh samui too... but dun know if I have enuff $$ to last me so long.

  3. Anonymous9:01 pm

    Yeah hopefully can catch sakura, if they haven't withered by the time I reach! Suppose to bloom 1-2 weeks earlier, but travel kaki/ ex colleague can't make it.

    Wow to china!!! Which part? I wanna go too too!!

  4. i shud be going to GuangZhou... supposed to accompany my MIL there to visit my BIL.
    But heard it is also a shopping paradise there.. so shud not be sure a bad holiday.


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