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6 years.

Not a very long time. Neither a very short period. It's been 6 years since we took the first step out of just being colleagues. The 6 significant things we went through together since... 1) He completed his studies, and got his degree. 2) He stood by me when I had to see my mum tru her cancer. 3) We both decided to pursue the careers outside of StarHub. He joined the bank... like what he has always wanted. Me, took on a marketing job...which was also what I have always wanted. (Other than the single regret of wanting to be a crew.) 4) We purchased out first home 5) We got married. 6) We remained married for two years.... ha ha. Here's to another good 6 years... and many more to come. Excerpts of the journey...

Buck up....else Shut up.

It is easy... oh so easy to talk about big plans. Sounds like a great idea. Nice to dream about.... but totally unrealistic. And while thinking big... maybe it's good to also act on it rather than push it away saying it's not your scope. Thanks for thoughts... but no thank you.

I did it....

A good first step. I picked up the phone, and made an appointment on friday to see the gynae. Doing well with my new year's resolution. Wish me luck.