we left the office behind

  While the rest of the world had an early release in celebration of the  Lunar New Year.... the entire Strategic Development team trudged up Bukit Tinggi (road), retreated into a cold room and had a supposedly inspirational 4 hours of brainwashing. How to control a situation, take ownership..... reach and endure!  Apparently that's the art of overcoming adversities. While I was really inspired at that point.... now i feel nothing. But it was a good session which I think hwa should go tru...


CIMG0443           The extended family with some missing people.....

Coming out of the cold room.... we went straight into the forest. Monkeys we all were, climbing.... swinging from tree to tree and gliding from point to point over the reservior. Scary it may be... but I was thrilled! I've got a secret phobia of heights. Yes... I never told anyone... and always acted brave. But guess that's the essence of overcoming adversities yah?


Hot and sticky.... we headed off the 'THE MADHOUSE" (a pub down east coast rd called Georges Madhouse).... where we went mad into the night with drinks and MORE drinks!

Well.... at the end of the day...I am glad that I am a group of really good friends amongst my colleagues. Some people dun have the luxury of working with such a wonderful team. While there are times we fight.... things we will ok as each day closes. Yes. I think I am here to stay for while.


CIMG0479       The Brand and Marketing Services Team.... the best team I have ever been in.




CIMG0484 CIMG0547