Reality strikes

The curtain is drawn on all the major festivities. Too quick. Or was I in denial. When I returned to office on Wednesday.... reality hit me really bad when I see the endless initiatives... endless proposals calling out to me. I guess with each long  holiday... I could put off some of the important things i need to do. In fact I have not even made my new year's resolution.

The biggest thing on my mind really is to stop procrastinating. I want to go for a pre-conception check-up... but been procrastinating for the longest time... There's a fear that something's not right in there.... oh well. Need more support.... esp. from my hubby. That's the other subject of my wish for the year.

Dear Hwa...

I hope you will learn to work less. Working till 11 + every night.... and working hard at the computer every weekend, does not make you best employee of the year. Your work is not everything and u have to seriously realise that there's more to life than  your work. And when i tell u there's a problem... pls take me seriously. Please do not expect me to do everything ... plan everything myself. I need someone to do things for me too. While I am independent... does not mean you dun need to put in any effort. I get tired too.