Goodbye to 2008...

This is a very delayed post.

2008 has concluded. I would like to think that 08 has been quite alright for me and my loved ones. I have no idea what 09 brings...with all the market movements, i would rather not hope so much, although...the year started on a very good note. Why? I will not reveal here too soon.... until it is a better time. Obviously am praying that 09 will continue the way it started... Oh well! Every tom, dick and harry is predicting bad stuff for 09. Reading the papers... or watching the news is like getting bashed left right centre. So... best thing now is just be prudent... and not let the world's happenings get the better of us. Not easy?! But... what to do? Life goes on.

Anyway... as each year concludes, it's time to take stock on my marriage. 30 dec... our wedding anniversary. 301208 marks the 2nd year of being officially co-habiting, 6 years 3 mths as friends and 5 years 10 mths as a couple. Times are bad... so we can only afford time away on the eastern shores. Quaint neighbourhood of Changi Village.  A well deserved break... and a well appreciated time away from home.


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