It was a day filled with so much love. The love between a newly wedded couple... the father and daughter love.... the mother and son love... and of course the quiet love my bro and I share.

My brother got married yesterday.

It was an event that took him a lot of courage to go through, but I can tell he is now really truly happy.

He is himself... finally.

I am glad the wedding is over.

Glad that Bro has finally put the past behind him.
It was not easy to forget what happened in the past. It didn't seem too long ago that my bro was going tru a very rough patch... a period of woe. It took him a lot of strength and courage to go on. I am glad that the whole family stayed together to see my brother through all these.
And we are truly happy for him.

Evie... welcome to the family!'s not my wedding... but it's my blog! So... i deserve to put my pic on this post... esp. all the running ard for the couple for the wedding! Ha Ha!