Ever had incidents in your life you wished you knew what exactly happened? When something ended , or someone ceased to be part of you life, did you ever wonder why it happened in the first place? Or did anything happen at all?

I guess I had plenty... be it friendships (a lot of broken ones)... relationships or even little events in life that makes me sometimes reflect and wonder if things could have been managed better. Would there have been a lesson waiting for me to learn.... but then you wonder again.... would someone then tell me what went wrong?

I saw the first guy I seriously dated on Sunday.... Saw him on along busy orchard road... with his wife and little one.

I caught his eye... and wanted to smile & greet him.... but he hurriedly looked forward... like he didn't see me at all.

That was the closure I was looking for since the last time i saw him (which i dun even recall when).

When the relationship ended.... I din even know how it happened. In fact... I don't even remember anything from the relationship.. except one fine day... when I just got together with Hwa... I saw him online... and he just said... " I did what I did for your own good".

Well.... was he trying to tell me something about what happened which I should learn... and not make the same mistake in my relationship with Hwa?

Anyway... with his "pretending I din see u" stunt... I knew .... he did me wrong.

That's closure for me. I am the one in the light.

And.. this also re-assured me once again...I married the right guy.

There are still a lot of things I seek for closure.... maybe I will find them along the way ....


  1. Anonymous11:05 pm

    I hate it when they say things like "i did what i did for your own good". It's more like "i did what i did for MY own good". i got that too from u know who... *rolls eyes*

    pretending to know what's good for others, is never an excuse for your own decision. it's yours, be sorry and move on. it's not like you killed that person and need to hide for the rest of your life, you can still be friends!

    It's crazy when these are the very people we were so close to, cosy up with, write each other love notes. suddenly, we freak them out.

  2. I guess the main reason he ignored you is because his tigeress I'm-going-to-pull-you-ear-if-you-look-at-other-women wife is around. I got the same shit from my ex too, when I saw her with her hubby. Its a pity but life goes on. You've already moved on to better things. :)

  3. The interesting thing is.... I know his wife too.... We were all friends.. so unless they have something to hide... why not say hi! Hahah! Anyway... u r quite rite... things are good the way they are now.


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